Product care

UGGYS Sheepskin Protector:  A water based water/oil repellent specially designed to seal and protect your UGGYS from staining, dirt, oil and water without stopping them from breathing naturally.  For new boots, apply before the first wear.  Shake the bottle well until there is no residue at the bottom of the bottle.  For normal double faced sheepskin, hold the pump spray 25cm from boot and spray every dry spot, moving onto the next dry spot, until the whole boot is wet (spray each spot only once).  For best results, apply evenly and let it dry in indirect light and away from heat.  For boots with water-resistant sheepskin, shake the bottle well until there is no residue at the bottom of the bottle, apply a light mist over your boots from about 30cm (this item has breathable foil worked into the sheepskin and they will not absorb it as quickly as normal double faced sheepskin).  For used articles, first follow washing instructions and allow drying before protecting.  For best results, apply every 3 - 6 months thereafter.

UGGYS Sheepskin Shampoo:   This product is colour safe (though may cause lightning of boots that can be darkened with extra applications of protection spray).  It also contains antibacterial which protects against mould, mildew, bacterial growth and prevents odours.  As UGGYS are generally worn without socks, it is necessary to wash them periodically for hygiene purposes.  Machine wash: (NOT recommended for Anti-Slip or Outdoor styles)  For best results, protect your Classic style UGGYS in a garment bag or pillow case.  Top Load:  Measure 20ml for a small load, 40ml for a large load.  Front Load:  Use half the quantity.  Select wool or gentle cycle and load size.  Double rinse.  Ensure load is balance when spin drying.  Hand wash:  Measure 20ml for each 10 litres of water (luke warm) into a single wash tub, (for larger items, best results will be achieved using a wash trough or bath tub).  Place boots into the solution and work gently through the article for approximately 5 minutes.  Do not stretch or over process the sheepskin.  Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water until water is clear.  Gently squeeze excess water – do not wring dry.

Drying Instructions:  For best results, allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.  Allow to dry almost completely then tumble dry in warm (NOT hot) dryer if available.  If removable innersole, remove and let dry separately.  After completely dry, follow protection instructions again.

Washing DO's and DON'Ts:  Do not soak, do not use fabric softener, do not use artificial heat to dry i.e. heaters, do not dry in direct heat, do not use wool wash or other detergents which contain water softening chemicals and remove tanning chemicals from the sheepskin.  Important:  These methods are recommendations only.  We cannot be held responsible if you inappropriately or excessively mistreat your boots.

UGGYS Cleaning Sponge:  This soft-cell sponge is specially designed to maintain your boots between washes.  It is used to shave off loose lint, dirt and dust.  This sponge can be used on dry surface only, please allow liquid stains to dry before buffing.  The sponge can be cleaned by rinsing in cold water and leave to dry inside.

More Information:  For more information, watch our YouTube video "How to care for my UGGYS".