Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about UGGYS Genuine products and services.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to contact us using our website contact form.

UGGYS GENUINE is the Australian brand for genuine UGG boots. In Australia the word UGG is a generic word – like the word car or jeans. So, putting a label with UGG on the back won’t actually tell you anything about the actual design, make, comfort or quality of the boots. Please also be informed that the UGG label designs vary from each other which indicate no consistency amongst ugg boot brands available. Despite the fact that everybody claims to use the best materials for their products, if the actual design of the boots hasn’t been thought through to the smallest detail the ugg boots won’t keep their shape after wearing, become sloppy, uncomfortable and ugly.

Yes. HAND MADE out of the finest Australian A-Grade Merino Sheepskin. According to ugg boot history the first “real” ugg boots were made in Australia back in 1960. UGGYS ugg boots have a unique design which keeps them in shape after wearing, providing the perfect fit for many years to come.

95% of our products are made in Australia. Fashion item products are made with 100% Australian sheepskin and manufactured overseas. We found that items that have special features such as buttons, toggles or studs have a much better finishing quality, when made overseas.

That is the best indication, that we are selling a natural product. Every sheepskin feels different from the other. There are also colour variations and different fit from one pair to the other simply of the fact that some sheepskin reacts differently to the dying process than others.

In fact for genuine sheepskin ugg boots there is no competitor selling ugg boots cheaper than us in the same quality. There are many ways of making ugg boots the premium quality comes from UGGYS GENUINE. We guarantee that our ugg boots are made from 100% Australian Sheepskin (Merino breed which is the best breed for ugg boots), our ugg boots have got double stitching for double strength, nylon stitching (for strength), unique UGGYS design for perfect fit and comfort after wearing, machine washable (classic styles only) and they come with a 12 warranty.

Authentic Sheepskin ugg boots aren’t water proof. However, few UGGYS styles are make sith water-resistant sheepskin that becomes water-resistant up to 85% if the UGGYS Sheepskin Protector is applied. Ugg boots can be protected by our care products, but even then they won’t achieve a 100% water proof protection. To wear them in light rain is not a problem. Our skiing experience with ugg boots was very successful. Even in the deep snow after wearing them for more than two hours without protection the moisture came through slightly and was gone the very next day after leaving them inside over night to dry.

The item can be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 90 days from the date of the invoice. Proof of purchase is necessary unless the customer agrees to leave their details in our system. TIP: When people are buying for somebody else, please don’t forget to explain to them how ugg boots fit otherwise there is a good chance that the customer returns thinking we have sold him the wrong size. The perfect fit is also explained in a video on our website: here.

We have one physical store in Joondalup (Perth, Western Australia) and an online store. All details are available on our Contact Us page.

Yes, for more information please see Exchange/Return Policies on our website here. In general an exchange/return isn’t a problem and we are genuinely trying to make the process as painless as possible. Please understand that the returned item has to be in unworn condition with the original receipt or the details are stored in our system.

If you prefer to order over the phone, please call our office between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

We are here to help and value your opinion. Please either call or email us.

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